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Yukyu Natural - Heritage Washi Paper

Yukyu Natural - Heritage Washi Paper

Yukyu Natural is highly durable and deterioration-resistant washi, ideal for drawing, brush writing, and printmaking. 

 7.5 x 10"

4 deckled edges


It's warm tone is achieved through a snow-bleaching process rather than a chemical process!  

This Heritage Washi is produced in a snowy mountain valley in Toyama prefecture, where the land wasn't arable for crops but is perfect for cultivating strong kozo fibre.

Papermaking in this village is deeply rooted in nature — kozo and other raw materials such as tororo aoi (formation aid) are 100% grown locally, the fibre is then snow bleached and formed in snowmelt runoff from surrounding mountains. The entire process from growing materials to crafting paper is completed in the valley.

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