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Marbling Set - Suminagashi

Marbling Set - Suminagashi

Create your own beautful itajime and suminagashi decorative washi with this easy to use kit.
Includes six mixable colours giving you a rainbow of options.

Suminagashi is a marbling technique.  The water is clean with no additives to thicken it.  The ink dropped onto the surface of water, where it floats, and paper is lowered onto it where it instantly is transferred onto your paper. 

Questions we have been asked:  "is Japanese paper to light to be used? Won’t the paper fall apart when it gets wet? Isn’t it too delicate?  The answer is happily no! Japanese paper is very sturdy and stable.  It doesn’t fall apart like gift wrap tissue does when wet.  Have no fear using wet mediums with Washi - its strength will surprise and delight you. 

Try it with Kozuke White which will give you lots of beautiful snowy white paper to experiment with giving your ink prints a delicate backdrop.
Frame the prints you love.  Frame multiple prints to create a series.  Design your own paper to use making cards!  

Please contact us with any questions! 

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