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Mitsumata Tissue Heavy

Mitsumata Tissue Heavy

This warm toned, this art paper is thin, smooth and STRONG.

It is strong enough for chine colle, collage or drawing with ink yet thin and translucent enough for layering.  Gorgeous deckle edges. 

What is Mitsumata paper?  It's a Japanese Washi paper, sometimes called "rice paper".  It is considered to be softer and more pliable than kozo.  The sheets are dried on wooden boards and you can see a bit of the wood texture faintly in the paper. 

100% Japanese mitsumata

Limited stock - to easily order more than what we may have in stock, email! No extra charge.

Conservation, Repair, Printmaking, Relief Print, Wood Engraving, Chine Colle, Calligraphy, Intaglio


Sheets are:
22 x 27.5"
559 x 699 mm

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