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Washi Collection - Fine Art Intro

Washi Collection - Fine Art Intro

How to choose from hundreds of papers? We've done the work for you! These bestselling handmade and machine made papers are excellent quality at reasonable prices.

A perfect way to begin working with natural Japanese papers, all of which work well with a variety of art techniques.

Package includes a swatch sheet for reference as well as technical details of all the papers included. 8.5 x 11" or smaller papers included in this package are: Kozuke white and ivory, Usu Kuchi Light, Gampi Smooth #43, Iwami White, Nishi Kaji Natural, Uwa Senka Small and Inshu Kozo 012 Ryudou.

Fibers: Kozo, Gampi, Philippine Gampi, Sulphite (sizing)

Usage: Printmaking, Silkscreen, Lithography, Relief Print, Wood Engraving, Collograph, Intaglio, Water Based, Sumi-e, Shodo, Brush Painting, Stencil, Sculpture, Collage, Suminagashi, Bookbinding, Mokuhanga

Size Imperial:  8.5 x 11"
Size Metric:  216 x 279 mm

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